Rush Chapel Services

The Frederick Irwin Anglican School Chapel is called The Rush Chapel.

The purpose of the Rush Chapel is to be a place which brings together the school community (past, present and future) to worship, to pray, to break bread and share in the common cup. The Rush Chapel is most importantly a place for the school community to learn about where God is in our lives, both inside and outside the confines of the building.

Captain Frederick Irwin identified himself with spiritual welfare and religious observance and as such devoted much energy to sponsoring the Church of England in the settlement.

The Frederick Irwin Anglican School Rush Chapel reflects the simplicity of the first Rush Church, built by Captain Frederick Irwin and his men in the Swan River Colony; a bush church called the ‘rush church’, as it was walled with rushes.

The Rush Chapel at the School, named in like, has also incorporated the same design elements as the Rush Church, with the walls of the Chapel lined with soft printed rushes. The School’s Chapel has been furnished with a hand-made lectern, altar table and baptismal font stand, all carved from fallen Tuart trees which previously grew in the school grounds, and can seat 350 people across both the ground and mezzanine floors.

Our prayer is that people will be struck by the simplicity of this furniture and will see the Chapel as a place to connect to the simplicity that is God.

The Elizabeth Irwin Centre, which adjoins the Rush Chapel, includes the Chaplain’s office, meeting room, teaching space, storage, toilet facilities and a quiet garden.

Construction for the Rush Chapel commenced in May 2015, and concluded in July 2016.

Read more about the design of the Chapel here.
Contact the School to register your interest in booking an event at Rush Chapel (school community only) here.