House Charities

House Charities are central to Frederick Irwin – service at its best is a journey of discovery and awareness, learning about what a community really is and what it means to embrace diversity.


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Barrett House decided that we always support ‘people’ as our chosen charity, so this year they would like to support a local community program that takes care of wildlife. Paige Bembridge (House Senior) has an affiliation with Mandurah Just Joey Marsupial Care, and explained to the House Seniors exactly what this charity does in our community. It is a not for profit service that relies on public donations to pay for vet bills and feed for injured or abandoned marsupials. The seniors voted and decided that ‘Mandurah Just Joey Marsupial Care’ would be the Barrett Charity for 2019.

Barrett House’s favourite fundraising activities:

  • Waffle baskets and hash browns (sweet) and the flat bacon & egg waffles (savoury) as our breakfast promotion for Barrett House Day.
  • Easter Raffle – This activity was extremely successful as it created fierce completion between the year groups. Syndicates formed within year groups and the Year 12s lead by Jack Lonsdale were eventually victorious. The Year 12 boys certainly went to great lengths to secure the Easter Hamper; all proceeds going to our very worthy charity.
  • Making of stands and pouches – Geoff in Design and Technology and Ms Mel Brokate in Home Economics very kindly made 16 stands and pouches for the marsupials to sleep in.
  • Animal Petting Station – As part of Founders’ Day activities we brought in the volunteers and selected animals from Mandurah Just Joey Marsupial Care to promote the charity. As part of this activity, some of the Barrett students and selected staff did make delicious and cute gingerbread kangaroo biscuits to sell. This activity was not aimed at making a profit, but rather to educate the students about what the charity does; overall, this mission was certainly accomplished.


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In 2020, Jamieson House is supporting the Peel Youth Medical Service (PYMS). PYMS is a general practice that aims to promote wellness by improving the mental, social and physical health of young people who live in the Peel Region. PYMS provides confidential health services in a safe and non-judgmental environment.


Rose House supported Variety; the Children’s Charity of WA in 2019 and it was agreed with our House Council that we would support them in 2020 also. Variety is a great charity that raises money for children in need due to poor health, disabilities, financially challenged, etc. They offer many innovative program initiatives with children too.

In 2019, Rose House raised over $1200 which went towards the purchase of a trampoline for Autistic children as a means to reduce their stress and anxiety levels.