Practical Arts

Inspiring the development of creativity.

All students have the opportunity to step into a world of visual and digital arts and develop their confidence in creative self-expression

Our Visual Arts programme includes painting, drawing, mixed media, printing, sculpture, textile and fashion design as well as digital arts: photography, graphic design and media.

Home Economics (Textile and Fashion Design)
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Visual Arts
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Metal Work 
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Digital Media

  • Media Production and Analysis
    Students in Media Production & Analysis apply both a practical and theoretical understanding of Media to produce and analyse a wide range of Media texts for different purposes and for different audiences.

    This year they have been studying art films and will extend their understanding of persuasive media such as news and documentaries. Students learn how to use innovative digital technologies and filming equipment such as the Go Pro and OSMO cameras, and have been working in class to refine their skills at editing. Year 11 students work on two short practical projects, a film trailer and television news production. They will also participate in an editing incursion where they refine their camera skills.

    The Year 12 production is a highlight in which students produce their own five minute short film. Student films are presented to parents and friends in a Media Showcase night at the end of the school year.